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The story of Andrew Dikas

Andrew Dikas is a young basketball player from the USA whose dream was to make his way to the top and play professionally overseas after college. As it usually happens, he came across many obstacles and realized the biggest challenge he was facing was lack of exposure and good connections. He found out about FREE website called and created his sports profile. As soon as he registered, he was contacted by scouts and coaches from all over the world. Now he plays for a Division 1 pro team from Europe. He still uses as his public online sports resume and builds his pro sports network through it.

The story of Danilo Andjusic

Danilo has already a lot of experience in professional basketball, although he is only 22 years old. He has played many spectacular games in the Adriatic league, Eurocup and Euroleague. He was the MVP of the Serbian Cup 2012, averaging 15 min on the court. He can score 15+ points in a quarter against very strong teams. Danilo is one of the youngest members of the senior NT of Serbia and was one of the best in the qualifications for Euro 2013. Journalists said "he was born as a winner". Danilo primarily uses Its My Play to communicate and network with the fans. In the season 2012/13, Danilo played for Partizan Belgrade and Virtus Bologna. In this period, he attracted more than 100,000 views on his profile and was very engaged in responding to all the questions of his fans.

The story of Candido Matoso Van Eeke

“I was born on a small Island called Lanzarote, in the Canarian Archipelago, far away from the European continent and the rest of the world. I started playing basketball at the age of 7 in the local club. Over the years I played in the Regional League of the Canary Islands, the Spanish EBA league for Seniors and I participated in a US basketball event in Pennsylvania at the age of 16. I realized it was a big challenge to try to make one’s way, but I was prepared for the battle. I first got to know ITS MY PLAY last year and I registered, but I honestly never imagined that from the far distance where I lived I would have had so much interest in my profile worldwide. Who would have thought I was going to end up in Japan at the age of 20, playing in second division! I felt extremely motivated to continue chasing my dream.”

The story of Decorey Jones

“My name is Decorey Jones and I currently play for the BZ Bulls in the Mongolian top league MGL Sprite. All my life I was always looked over. I didn't make it to the elementary team and I was on the B team in the middle school. I still see myself not getting looked upon, sitting on the bench and watching players play in front of me. I became a starter my senior year, but still wasn't putting up the necessary numbers to get overseas. I grew more hungry, working even harder. After the season, I networked like crazy. Then one day a coach from Malaysia contacted me from, inquiring about me. We connected and talked and I finally got my first contract to play overseas. Everybody was shocked. Ultimately, networking on this website got me a job. Not only am I still receiving job offers, I'm turning them down now.”