ITSMYPLAY.COM video tutorials

Below you can find all of our video tutorials separated in to categories.
If you are a visual learner, or just don't like reading, these videos will help you through any difficulties you may come across.

Profile related tutorials

How do I connect with other members?

How do I complete my Resume?

How do I create a Calendar item?

How do I change my login email & password?

Website administration tutorials

How do I access my website administration?

How are my website & profile synced?

How do I change background of my website?

How to change colors on my website?

How do I upload a photo or youtube video on my website?

How do I control main header items and drop down menus?

How to change my avatar & how to sync it with my website?

How do I create an additional website page and customize it?

How to delete a website page?

How do I post news on my website?

How do I delete news from my website?

How do I upload a slide-show image?

How to sync my Facebook page?

How to sync my Twitter profile?

How do I request a free demo?